• Prof. C. L. Khetrapal, CBMR, Lucknow
  • Prof. Anil Kumar, IISc, Bangalore
  • Prof. N. R. Jagannathan, AIIMS, Delhi
  • Prof. R. C. Tripathi, CBCS, Allahabad Uni.
  • Prof. K. V. Ramanathan, IISc, Bangalore Dr.
  • Prof. N. Surya Prakash, IISc, Bangalore
  • Prof. S. Subramanian, IIT, Chennai
  • Dr. DV RajaKumar, Neurosurgeon, Bangalore
  • Prof. K.V.R. Chary, TIFR, Mumbai
  • Prof. R V Hosur, TIFR, Mumbai
  • Prof. H. S. Atreya, IISc, Bangalore
  • Prof. Sairam GeetaNath, Bangalore
  • Dr. Dinesh Kumar, CBMR, Lucknow
  • Dr. Bikash Baishya, CBMR, Lucknow
  • Dr. Anupam Guleria, CBMR, Lucknow

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